The Marlin Club
San Diego
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The purpose of the Marlin Club is to maintain a free, certified marlin and fish weigh station for the angling public of San Diego and their guests: and also promote sportsmanship and sport angling competition among club members.

Michael Farrior IGFA Juniors Tournament Pictures

 Michael Farrior IGFA Juniors Tournament
Gene Grimes Memorial
2014 ILTT Invitational Light Tackle Tournament
September 19th & 20th
Awards Dinner @ 1pm September 21st
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8/14/14 - First release
Angler Bob Woodard on "Drop Back"
Lisa Woodard was captain.
KK Pono Jig in Black and Purple
Fish was released after 18 minutes on Thursday morning at 9:08 on the 9 Mile bank
August Fish of the Month - Dorado
July’s fish of the month - Tuna - Winner = Tony Souza with a 30 lb 6 oz Bluefin Tuna
August Gaff Line
2013 Marlin Catch

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8/16/14 - Kale'a Woodard

12 LB Dorado, Largest Dorado catagory winner Michael Farrior IGFA Junior's tournament.

Kale'a Woodard